Hi, I’m Lindsay.

When I was in 6th grade, I had 2 best friends. We were inseparable. We did everything together.

I felt like I mattered, like I was capable of doing anything because I was loved and supported. Then one day, I went out to find them during our break between 2nd and 3rd period. That day was different. That day, when I went to sit with them on the grass, they told me that they didn’t want to be my friend anymore. I was beyond devastated. My world, my worth was shaken to the core.

Although I didn’t come to understand the full impact of this event until decades later, this one moment defined me from then on.

It influenced how I felt about myself, how I interacted with others, and what I believed about myself and the world. Without truly understanding why, I sought from then on to ensure that others knew they mattered and felt included. I didn’t want anyone to feel the way I had felt.

I also sought to prove my worth. To prove I was lovable. To prove I was valuable, that I mattered. To prove that I was capable. I strove to be kind and compassionate to others, and also to do all that was necessary to achieve each thing I wanted. Through this, I achieved success in business quickly. However, it took many more years and significant internal work to truly believe that I, just because I am me, am lovable and valuable.

I matter and so do you.

When we know that we truly matter, that we are lovable, valuable, and capable, we are happier, more confident, and more successful.

We become unstoppable in business and in life. When we truly love ourselves, we are available to love others deeper than ever before and we develop an unshakable confidence in who we are. When we know we are valuable, we know that our ideas matter, that we matter, and that we are here to bring our unique gifts to the world. When we know we are capable, we know that we can and will achieve our dreams.

I founded I Am LVC to empower you to know you are lovable, valuable, and capable (LVC). There are two primary ways I am doing this. One starts with the internal work and one starts with your business. They both ultimately lead to the same place. Both paths lead to you being your best self and to you being successful in business and achieving your dreams. So, start with whichever path feels right to you!

Through the years of providing psychotherapy as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and participating in transformational work, I learned the tools I used to develop a program that walks you through how to truly be your best self – to know you are lovable, you are valuable, and you are capable and to treat yourself and others as such.

Through the businesses I have created, I developed the ability to create systems and processes that allow you to grow and scale your business, supporting your knowing that you are capable and increasing your profits, and giving you more time and space in your life to focus on fun, family, and being your best self.

Welcome to I Am LVC, where you can thrive through systems and be your best self!

So, what’s next for you?

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